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Announcer for Podcast, "The Sales Tales of Chase Harlowe"
As Hank Dickman in Ep1 of The Sales Tales of Chase Harlowe
As Hank in season 2 of the audio dramatization of "Forbidden Diary" from


Get Your Words Heard

Why isn't it "Weards Heard" or "Words Hord"? Anyway, you want wry, somewhat sarcastic attitude? You want warm, approachable, and friendly? Need a dad? A co-worker? For more than 35 years, that's what I bring to the microphone. I started my adult life as a radio personality, but the part of it I loved the best was voicing commercials. When I was politely asked to leave the broadcast industry in 1984, I started pursuing a career in voice over which led to a stint as a recording engineer/producer, where I produced and directed radio and television commercial voice-overs along with serving as in-house voice actor. After that, I toured the country for about four years as a stand-up comic, and bring those comedy chops to every session. Next, I took a slight detour into teaching high school (or as I put it, doing six shows a day at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis) but kept up the voice business. Now I have retired from teaching and am devoting more time to voice work. I can also help with audio production. Email me if you'd like a list of my pro audio equipment.